Blue Hawaii – Reaction II














Trying to recover from what ever happent last night, I seat at my desk staring at nothing. I can feel I need  soemthing or someone to quietly link me back to this world. Nothing too french or too agitated just a need of soft texture as the sun has been missing for so long. That is when I press play on the latest video of  singer  songwriter Raphaelle Standell-Preston who has found the time to step away for a second from her band  Braids to explore with her Hawai project the world of abstract electro songwriting. And that is what I needed, because, it is more about the texture than it is about the song. The structure and shaped by the voice, the colour is strong. I see silk and White Lady Cocktail, but you might see something different. In a any case  Reaction II moved me enough to plug me back. Try it. Oh should I mention the heavily 80’s heroin video ?


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