An answer lacking love ? Black Mozart by Ryan Leslie (Full Documentary)

black-Mozart copy











Washington DC born, music producer and singer songwriter Anthony Ryan Leslie aka Ryan Lesly has had a quiet successful life until 2010 when  he promised a $ 1 Million reward to whomever would bring his stolen laptop back. Claiming that the intellectual property he was looking for on his computer was not there anymore, he then refused to pay the reward. The german fan who found his computer was granted 2 years later  if the reward after a lawsuit.  It is the precise event that trigger the Black Mozart work. ” “Black Mozart starts at the moment that I walk out of the courthouse. I wrote the entire album in the two days following the verdict, so the album is written and will be recorded in layers with the strings, horns and potentially a choir in the royal conservatory in Vienna, Austria, one of the homes of some of the most classical music ever written” . Watch….

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