Are we looking at a bitch slowly sliding? / Iggy Azalea feat. TI: Change your life

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In the last year, I have been insistingly supportive of a few artists, amoing which  Die Antwoort or our favorite australian gangsta hip hop girl Iggy Azalea. The identity statement made, or so I thought in Ignorant art , were fresh, new, deep and attractive.  A new way for women to take over the world in a pretty offensive and efficient way. I loved it . Then… then …. then…. the usual, success came with its own twisted understanding of good and bad, as gloomy as those english psychologists Nietszche talks about in the opening of Genealogy of morals. From a women freeing herself by using the codes we start to end up with one being used by the codes to say how much of happy slave she is. I know it is rough, but so is the fall of seing my favorite bitch slowly sliding…. What you think ? Watch


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