A.R.T. Magazine / fresh & new formula to come

















I have told you before,  to me when it came to paper magazines, the french A.R.T. magazine (standing for Attitude Riding and travel) rises way above the rest of the BMX world, by its quality when it comes to topics, reviews of events or riders interviews, and its ability to frame the lifestyle surrounding the riders. Well, this impressive team of riders, photographers (such as Bereflex) writers etc. lead by  french BMX rider Alain Massabova has decided to go wilder by offering a multilingual web edition of their mag starting this year. As it might be the next good thing in term of BMX  featuring all the disciplines from flatland to shredding to dirt etc…, I  hope it will give the rest of the BMX web world a chance to match the quality. What do you say ? Then you say let’s see what it look like so here it is : Issue #0 


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