A modern Jazz Ballad / Zahava – Rus Nerwich

I know, I know, you bitch want some plastic music but the leaves of the concret have awaken the darkest corners of my poetic moods, and here we are all over again. When u  jazz, I have thrill in my body of whiskey bottles by the piano, sweaty shirts, a few bitches lost in the night looking for a light, that I might provide with sexual attentions. But luckily they are better people than me. One of them is flamboyant south african indie jazz composer and performer Rus Nerwich.

I’ve talked about him before but, this new song Zahava part of a quartet album called The Wondering who, I thought was worth coming back to it. You know staring at the space listening to the lines, the silence and warmth of a soul. But there is a little more than this, by listening to this ballad I realized there was something still contemporary about it. Because it does not speak about hoes maybe, no there is this inner feeling of one’s soul contemplation that will never be out of date. Tell nme what you fell.

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