A different opinion on Childish Gambino’s L.E.S.

















I know some of you are going to want to stab me like a lonely bitch in the dark, but, I have something to say about Childish Gambino that goes  in a different way than “OMG, what a Genius”. I’m not going to trash talk either. First for the other parts of you that are not familiar with Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino, lets quickly said, that at past 28 he has already been of the screenwriters team of 30 rocks, he has been the start of the tv show COmmunity and is now getting closer to the dance floors with his very hipsters tracks. But watching this video, I am feeling something different than an absolute admiration for his work and I’m going to be clear about it: The video is more interesting and necessary than the ever will be in my mind. It is a documentation of today’s youth will and direction that is close to art. To me, this video belongs more in a museum than the song in a record store. And if you put the video first then I’m able to stand the music but come on the music on its own… Too Emo after chemo for me. So what you say ? ….



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