2013 Kink Travel Series- A Retrospective



















As you know in the head and heart of every young’un bmxer , the idea of travelling with a crew, around the world and be paid to actually ride, is probably a higher rated dream than getting as much attention from girls than Justin Bieber. That is because the dream is that simple that it is often easy to market ! Street kids from all over the world dream to see other streets and corner. In its Kink Travel Serie, Rochester (NY) BMX Company Kink BMX gives us a chance to get a more quiet and intimate approach to that dream by getting its riders to talk about it. It is humble and simple and that is what I like about it.




•Chris Doyle
•Ben Hittle
•Tony Hamlin
•Darryl Tocco
•Sean Sexton
•Aaron Smith
•KC Badger
•Lloyd Wright
2012 AM TEAM
-Dan Coller
•Gabe Brooks
•Albert Mercado
•Tom Dillon
•James Steele

•Ryan Wert
•Matt Miller
•Matt Clark
•Chad Osburn

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