Zebra Katz – W8WTF & Ima Read















If you ask me, the year 2012 seems to mark the emergence of realistic and poetic hip-hop where after defining its style for decades, hip-hop has digested its own history to finally let everyone speaks for himself, create its own universe. Some go fahsion and vices such as the Odd Future Crew, some go Suburbs, fashion, and white trash descriptions such as Iggy Azelia and some go dark and poetic such as Anzel Haze or today Zebra Katz.

Who ? Zebra Katz, you know  Ima Read (feat.Njena Reddd Foxxx) bouncing in most of the underground clubs (Ima gonna take that bitch to college), and today a visual forW8WTF” . Produced by Boyfriend and shot by Ursual Mann, the zombiness of the track might help you to wait for his next release du on September 19. But both tracks make me happy, in a creepy way true, but I can’t get enough of Ima Read though so here are both videos to enter the world of Zebra Katz !!!




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