Your drums, your love by AlunaGeorge (Nowness)


















At a time where we can start to feel bigger and bigger waves in the history of fusion of  Songwriting and electro, with artist such as James Blake,  I hear all over Europe and sometimes through the u.s., gifted musicians and singers finding their way. The latest band to do a convincing job at it  ( I know it is a cold way to put it) is the duo AlunaGeorge made out of Aluna Francis and George Reid. People of their time, they have met through myspace and have been apparently smarter than most of us, since instead of just sleeping together after akwardly meeting they have chosen the other option, doing music together.

After catching the attention of Rob Da Bank on Radio 1 and stepping into the american market by getting a track featured on Skins ( come on, SKins !!!) they are releasing a most stylish video featuring the work of young illustrator Arran Georgy (reminding me of the last year Givenchy vibe). So While they are finishing the recording of their debut album, watch the pretty good song and creative video presented by Nowness of course !



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