Tribute to the 90’s ? HAIM – Don’t Save Me

















You might have been tuned to sound of the 3 sisters Haim, if you are around L.A., if you’re not, don’t worry it is coming  to you. We all know that 3 sisters is way more danger than 3 brothers, and those 3 have been able to deliver a perfect 90’s influenced hit. Don’t get me wrong , there is nothing condescending in my tone, as I am a lover of the craft of songwriting, and here wheather you like it or not is a well freaking written song. Of course I’m weired out by the comfort they seem to have to playing their dream persona with rock star attitude but the song sounds like they have understood what they were listen to when they were kids. So turn it on, and have try, it is worth a few minutes of your time.

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