This Is United: Alex Valentino, Ian Morris & Team Mix











Pro Bmx rider from Unitedbike co Alex Valentino and Ian Morris gave the best they had to make sure that this mix would be part of the highlights of the summer. In one of the most stylish edit of the summer, Unitedbikeco makes sure that everyone knows they’ve understood the rules of the game. This is United video, including Luke Peeters, Ross Broughton, Dan Boiski, Steve Debusk, Jamie Lusted, Josh Kathigitis, Marko Maksimovic, Josh Heritage, Dean Hearne, Roy Van Kempen and Tom Sanders, should be somehow a key standard for bmx edits. I am just saying. But Uintedbikeco has been part of the brands releasing some of the best material so let’s not be too critical and just enjoy !


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