Theophilus London LVRS & Stussy

By now you are aware that there has a been a rap artist called Theopilus London who has been making quiet a lot of noise going from the unknown international scene to shows at David Letterman in a year. In term of music I have to say that his mixtape due to the well done extended use of samples ( from Withney Houston to Bill Withers) are way way more creative than the album he has released to so far. The man on stage is full of hype but not fool of urge, to me he is overall a interesting artist, and I still can’t stop listen to his mixtapes. This being said, and that is where it starts to get intersting, Theophilus London is here not to only play the game, but to be ahead of it. Teaming from the start of his international carreer with Fresh I.AM, Theopilus has produced an intersting LVRS (lovers) very stylish cap. From then on, smarly dressed , always looking good, the man mad his rap carreer influence his non brand yet stylish name LVRS.

After working with Nike Sportswear on a Destroyer Jacket and with Del Toro on slippers, Today it is Stussy itself has announced a week ago a collabarative capsule with Theophilus London’s LVRS for T-shirt and Hoodies production. What is interesting in this perfect case of branding, is the will from the start of an “underground artist” to be representing his own brand, quickly learning from the bigger stars of the game, and the ability to actually do it. Way to go. Now does this affect the music ? ¬†Branding ? We all know it does, more and more power means more responsability meaning less place for creativity unless you put yourself in the right position in a company that will always stay small. Branding has so far affected the music in the worst way possible but we all know it is the future of the music business. So lets see what comes out of ¬†Theophilus London’s action as he seems to be way ahead of the game.


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