The Rihanna Syndrome / Nicky Minaj- Pound the Alarm













I know I had promised not to talk about the whole Young Money Entertainement crew but  with her latest track & video Pound the alarm, rap artist, singer and performer Nicky Minaj has definitely been contaminated by the Rihanna Syndrome. What do you mean what is it ? Well you know when you start out with a pretty good song and image that says : ” Don’t fuck with me, I am not a sex toy,  I am  a woman, and I am going to school you” such as in Take a bow (2009)  for Rihanna or even Pon de Replay  (2005) in which she talks about sneakers, music , or not being played while wearing baggy jeans leading us to believe that she had rang the time for a new generation of woman in the business  to The only girl in the world or S & M (2010) in which apparently hot sex and man domination is something really important to her. You know the Rihanna Syndrome.


So of course since  the syndrome knows the human body now, it goes faster, and what Rihanna did in 5 years, Nicky Minaj did it is 2, by going from being a new hope for Woman pride to become a unbearable electric bitch at the last Grammy Awards, and now a simple product  with her latest track singing ” You know we’re getting hotter and hotter, sexy and hotter”.  It is really a sad sight to see, as I remember getting quiet excited over her pink mood. How u feel ?


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