S4YL Interview / The Blue Sunset Bmx Serie by Dan Cowley



In my quest of a contemporary imagery of the Bmx world, I fell across the work of 18 years old U.K. College student and photographer Dan Cowley. We started to talk and to put together a small Serie of four pictures under the name of Blue Sunset Bmx Serie. Dan Cowley has it as it shows, a very interesting understanding of the Bmx photography,  less obsessed by the identity of a street culture than by the true relationship of the rider with its inspiring environment and its direction. In a serie that  underlines an attention for both the rider and the mood Dan Cowley has definitely brough to light unspoken details of our bmx world. Enjoy the Blue Sunset Bmx Serie and have a look at what Dan has say about being a Bmx photographer.

Since when do you want to be a photographer ?

For as long as I can remember really I have been interested in photography, I started out with a 35mm film camera and in my early teens I had access to a point and shoot camera where I used the images to experiment with a program called fireworks and about 3 years ago I purchased my first dslr and I self taught myself using tutorials on how to set-up the camera correctly for different situations and how to use properly  photoshop .


What  do you look for when you take a pitcure of rider?

I usually ask the riders first if they are willing to try something new or do something that could come up as impressive, I know the riders personally so it’s easier to compromise with what they want to try and what I want to take a photo of.

Are you a rider yourself ?

Yes I am a rider myself, I usually ride a 26″ Bike on skateparks and used to ride a Mod Trials Bike some years back.



Does the fact of being a rider affects the way you take pics of rider?

In a way it does because it gives me an insight on what to expect from the rider without pushing them too far to do something to crazy.


Why do you want to be a professional photographer ?

I want to be a professional photographer because it’s a way to be creative and earn money at the same time and many aspects of photography intrigue me.



What are the aspect of photography that intrigue you ?

The greatest aspect of photography that intrigues me is getting to do post-processing stage where I can try out different things to get the best result possible.


Are you trying to say something with your photos ? 

 I like to try and take photos that make people say wow basically, I have had great feedback of other photographers on flickr and it keeps me motivated.




What inspires you ?

Seeing people succeed at taking great photographs that people are interested in get’s me motivated to do the same myself.




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