The Black Keys / RZA – The Baddest Man Alive












Now here we are again The Black Keys and RZA for a pretty hilarious clip of the latest collaboration The baddest Man alive.  Taken from the soundtrack to the upcoming RZA-directed The Man with the Iron Fists featuring Russel Crowe, RZA himself, Lucy Liu etc. Though it is heavily inspire from Tarantino’s Kill Bill from what I see,  this video just makes me want to take a flight to the u.s., find RZA’s house and get myself a premiere of a movie that might be pretty  pretty fucking good. You and I know that since I am not a sociopath , I am not gonna do that, but gosh I am curious. Hoping that the rhythm of the movie is not going to disappoint us, I have decided that the baddest man alive was a pretty good reason to groove today, no ? Let’s play it again !


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