SUPRA 2012 Fall/Winter “Royal” Collection, Branding or lying?

Supra footwear, has been in the last 2 years about everywhere, spreading from its skateboard origins to a wilder audience of streetwear kids looking cool you know. And we all know that though we are happy to see a brand we respect getting more attention and more success, it is often at that precise moment that you witness the way a small brand (though part of a bigger whole with KR3W) deals with the balance of its ethics vs its growth. That is where I start to wander about Supra.


Since I am not part of the brand its initial goal is not clear to me, and maybe they have always wanted to go chase on the territory of Y-3 or Puma by Alexander McQueen, but the message was clearly not luxury shoes, it was high quality skateboard and street wear shoes. At least that is what I understood. Did you see things differently? With the Royal Collection, incorporating the falcon sneaker, constructed out of full grain premium leather, imitating the branding of the latest Puma by Alexander McQueen, and dangerously getting closer from 200 usd that 100, I am scared to see Supra footwear catching the Adidas Branding disease. You know the “Oh we are so from the street” All is in, “oh we are so chick and hype”Y-3, or “we are the “boss” Adidas Porsche design. It would be sad to see such a young brand getting that practical, wouldn’t u say ?

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