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Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, the charismatic and man on few words Linwood Boss Hogg Monk (what a name!) has decided to ride towards the Far West like gold diggers and murderers did a 150 years ago, like actors, film makers do since the 50’s and like a few courageous knight of the bmx world do, hoping to upgrade their talent and style in a community which has seen the birth of most of the greatest Bmx riders of the last 10 years. I wanted to know more about Linwood story, so we talked .

You are born and raised in Richmond (Virginia), How would you describe Richmond to people who have never been ?
Richmond,Virginia is very diversity city , you have to go find out for yourself ! To me ? It is the number one under rated city on the east coast !!!

What were you weekends made out of when you was a child ?
You know, hanging with Friends, Roadtrips, James River, Whiskey, Following Robert Tibbs around Richmond!

You told me that at some point you put yourself through school in Texas, can you tell us more about that ?
it was hard, made me the man I am, not stronger but independence.

You also lived in Florida right ? How when ?
I moved their to be with my best friend in 2004 Tampa (Fl). I miss that place, you know riding S.P.O.T. Or at the skate park of Tampa and Central Skate park in St Pete fl.

What did you want to be if you wanted to be anything as a kid ?
Im doing I wanted which is to ride Bicycles and Travel, I’m Happy !!!

When did you discover Bmx and How ?
Early 90’s middle school days , some companies and videos that come to name Little Devil Criminal Mischief, Seek n Destroy, Road Fools, All time low, Albert Street , S&M Bikes video 4 .


When did you discover whiskey ?
TEXAS !!!! High school…

What would you say to anyone who doesn’t know about Bmx ? How would you describe your interest ?
It teaches you independence, and creatively, the friends you meet while riding and traveling is like a brotherhood which never dies.

Street, park, dirt or flat ?
Definitely Street.

How would you describe yourself as a rider ?
Burly !! Pedal Fast Burly.

Do you have a favorite trick ?
Butcher grind !!

What challenges you ?
Whiskey and big bottom women.

What inspires you ?
My Family and friends my City Richmond,VA

Did your practice of Bmx develop certain values in your life as a man ?
Yes wouldn’t be the man I am now.

Did it change anything in your life ?
Yes everything wouldn’t know where I would be.

How does your family sees your Bmx addiction ?
Crazy!!! but still support me fully long as im Happy.

As you told me before you have just moved to Phoenix (Arizona), in order to get deeper into the world of bmx, what do you expect to find there ? What is missing in Richmond ?
New friends networks with the bmx and skate community on the west coast maybe even find a investor to help the youth of Richmond,VA build a skate park for the inner city youth the kids who need it.

How do you understand the relationship between branding and bmx, does it actually help the bmx world or does it destroy it ?
Don’t really undertand this one but yea I just ride bikes which is all about having fun riding with friends pushing each other to be better rider push each other have fun

What are your favorite whiskeys now days ?

How do you feel about girls riding BMX?
I believe its amazing and we need more.

What kind of music do you listen to ?
Listen to everything just depending on the mood

What have you been doing since you’ve arrived in Phoenix ?
TATTOOS, Shooting Guns, Tattoos.

Did you meet interesting people ?
Yes Phonenix is a melting pot yes I did.

Any sponsors ?
Minority Bikes, Active Soul , HyberNations Apparel, Neon Black Clothing, wanna shout out to our local shop BunnyHop bike shop and Recycles bike shop and all the guys at Fbm

Who would you like to meet ?
Smoker Dave, Chris Rock, Snoop Loin

Dirty skills ?
Im sure what you mean by dirty but I can cook and drink whiskey very well

Music ?
Right now as we speak Meek Mill ,Wale ,Rick Ross, T.I. mixtape

Milk ?
Vitamin D

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