Simple Dreams- Short Bmx Documentary

It is about a choice, more than anything. It is about the choice you make to follow things that make you shiver. It is sometimes about fighting for it, often arranging your life around it, and always being ready to give up a lot for it. That is what it is to have the courage to live your passion. Selected for the program of 2011 Bicycle Film Festival in 26 cities worldwide, this short documentary film directed by Roman Neimann and Andzei Matsukevits follows the dream-come-true story of an aspiring local BMX-rider Kristjan Aasmäe. Bringing out the contrasts between the world famous wintertime BMX- and skateboarding event Simple Session in Estonia and the country’s own BMX-scene, this is by far the most touching document we’ve seen on bmx since the beginning of the year.

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