Simone Barraco’s scrappin’ edit

















After surprising everyone including himself by ending up in the finals of the 2012 XGames, Subrosa and Shadow Conspiracy athlete and pro rider Simone Barracco surprises me again by making a breakthrough in the world of Bmx : He listens to good hip-hop and from the 12′ ! Oh thank u lord, I won’t have to turn off the volume to listen to some hard rock music going faster than the rider oh thank u lord, I won’t have to believe the guy on the bike is sooo dangerous because he listens to Black Sabbat ( and I am talking of the best possible)… so thank u Simone ! Besides, he is of course an incredible rider, and has spent the last few winter in Barcelona to avoid the “chilly weather ” of Italy during the winter (never go to N.Y.C . on January young Skywalker). So here is some footage of his Barcelona winter trip for Shadow !


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