SHOWstudio: Hotel Skovgaard, Room 77 / Camilla Skovgaard x Ali F. Mostafa

Are you ready to step into someone else nightmares, you’ll see it is easier. Come on step with me into the black and the blue moody half animal half human world of Danish shoe designer Camilla Skovgaard and acclaimed director Ali F. Mostafa. I know I usually don’t feature women’s fahsion but I had too as SHOWStudio has invited Camilla Skovgaard to produce a piece in Dubai, where she started her carreer and sill maintains a residence. Showing her fall / Winter 2012 collection, Camilla and Ali F.Mostafa take us in a nightmare I would not like to be, different senses of gravity, fear, hypnotic characters and darkness. Come on don’t be scared, I myself love it!


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