Shepard Fairey’s “Hope” Obama Posters Lawsuit

Let’s say that every single one of u knows that Shepard Fairey is in today’s world one of the big symbol of street artist who has done the move towards branding and marketing with designing campaigns for brands such as Pepsi before creating his own brand Obey. The Hope poster of Obama turned our little modern Cezanne aka Shepard Fairey into a international phenomena. Time magazine commissioned Mr Fairey to create the cove of Barack Obama for its Person of the Year issue. It is in late January that trouble started for Mister Fairey when The Associated Press, knowing that the National Portrait Gallery acquired the piece of art, demanded Payment from Mr Fair for using the photograph which was taken by Mannie Garcia. So to make things clear, Mr Fairey used an image that was his, transformed it into a piece art, and became world famous.

The artist filed a lawsuit against The A.P. the next month, claiming protection under the fair-use exceptions to copyright law, which allow limited use of copyrighted materials for purposes like criticism or comment. The A.P. countersued March 11, saying the artist had copied the image and was profiting from it. After hiding proof of the original and obviously getting caught, Shepard Fairey was originally facing jail time, but last week the sentence was lessened due to his involvement with charity work to $ 25,000 and 2 years of probation. It somehow seems obvious that if you work by responding to the work of another artist, such as what did Shepard Fairey with the original photo, you should include the other artist in the frame of creation. And as I start to wander imagining the pressure of keeping such a secret for those 4 years, I do get a little smile of my face feeling a little Lana Del Ray taste to this whole thing wouldn’t u say ?

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