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Because BMX is a choice, a lifestyle, demanding dedication and honesty before skills and money, because BMX has changed the lives of many teenagers around the world, giving them a chance to express themself, teaching them the value of hard work, and effort, turning into men, because BMX has also and before all made a world made out of friends, early saturday mornings and late parties, you will find all over the world, knights, fighters, friends, simple people, heroes, communities of riders, who have built their lives around BMX. If you road ever leads you to the far South of the Globe, in New Zealand, you will find  SkulleryBMX. Founded by Scott White, Alan Murphy and Simon Cavanagh, SkulleryBMX is community of today 186 riders from 14 to 32 years old. Talking with Scott White, I was touched by the simplicity of the man, and the fact that far from branding and street culture wanna be, he has only one mission, Spreading the word of BMX around the world with happiness.

Scott where are you from ?

I was born in Hamilton Raised in Te Puke and now live in Tauranga. New Zealand. (North Island)


How old are you ?

27 years old.


What do you do for living ?

To make money I work in a retail store, driving forklifts and stocking shelves, I’ve been doing that or the same for going on 10 years now.


How did you sart riding ?

I have always been on, around or near a bike. I use to ride a bit of MTB and hit the trails from time to time. I started riding BMX when i was about 16-17, but never got into actually riding Freestyle untill i was around 20.
How did you have the idea of actually building an identy for a community of riders ?
There are two other massive guys who came up with forming a “little” group of riders, Alan Murphy and Simon Cavanagh.
We created Skullery as a name for our little group of bmx’ers who live and breath bmx. It became a Facebook page and a forum which allowed us all to organize rides, sell and swap parts, share pics and footage and find a way to be able to ask and give advice.
How would you describe your community ?

We are a group of around 186 riders from all over the North Island, ranging in ages from 14-32 and skill levels from starting out riders to semi sponsored pros.




Does it answer to a particular need ?

We try to be as Maggot as possible when riding, thats what we want people to see when we ride the streets, crazy tricks being thrown loud and proud.. Its what we are.. Skullery Maggots.


How is the bmx scene in NZ ?

In New Zealand freestyle BMX is picking up abit more now, with a crew or two hiring themselves out for events and concerts, also with the X-Games being bought back in NZ the BMX drew a huge crowd. When you talk about BMX generally you have to give a bit of help of understanding. They all know racing and the know Jed Mildon tripple flip, but its the actual riding and the BMX “Thing” people dont understand.. untill they watch it.

What bike do you ride ?

I ride a WTP Volta 2011, Black. Its the standerd complete, but with S&M Bars and odd cranks.. i keep snapping cranks.

 Do you find ways to share your passion to people who don’t or do u not care ?
I try to tell as many people about what we do and what it is, but like i said, unless you show them, they dont understand.
So i wanted them to be able to show everyone they knew just how hardcore this BMX thing is. And how the young guy who keeps to himself and get bully’d all the time, can crack out a double backflip into foam and be the man. I love it when someone buzzez out on BMX.

Do you have one or more favorite riders ?

My Fav riders have to be.. Tom Dugan, Erik Elstran, Garrett Reynolds, Sean Burns, Dane Searls R.I.P, Simon Cavanagh, Alan Murphy…

What are you looking for, is there something you would like to change or to develop in the BMX world ?

I want bmx to be the sport that is on t.v. on a sat night, and all week everyones getting amped to watch it, its the big game insted of the big game. BMX is a lifestyle, share it !
Thank you Scott and long live Skullery

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