Samuel Barber- Piano Sonata in E flat minor

As classical pianist  Evegny Kissin has open his season by announcing that for the first time of his career an piece by an american composer would be the center of his program we wanted to seat down a minute and talk about the chosen piece: the piano sonata by Samuel Barber. As the work of Samuel Barber has been often resume  by half of the world to his Adagio for orchestra (Elephant man’s soundtrack) , Barber has been a busy and recognised composer of his time. Among our favorite piece his piano sonata.

The sonata is in four movements, and usually takes twenty minutes to perform
1-Allegro energico
2-Allegro vivace e leggero
3-Adagio mesto
4-Fuga: Allegro con spirito

To us Barber  (1910-1981) is the master of softness in the darkness: Allowing more compact landscape of emotions to ring as one simple developped idea, it is not in the small details that you’ll find the essence of its composition but in a personal a modern understanding of harmonic movements. As always it is hard not to relate a piece written in the 40’s without having in mind the historical context, but to Barber Darkness was, it seems a true lover. More than ever, it is in this piece composed of the 25th birthday of the league of Composers (society promoting the work of american composers) that we can hear the influence both of a Charles Ives as well as a understanding of american folk song melodies. here is the third movement which will hope will push you to look for more!

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