Red Necks and Poetry: Lana Del Rey – Ride (music video)












Part of her debut album  Born To Die but of  special edition due to be release on  November 12  the Paradise Edition, Ride is more of a soundtrack than a song that you’d sing along. Because she was well aware of the fact Lana Del Rey released a magnificent short film, throwing us in the poetry of the loneliness of a young woman in the small town of the south of the United States. Comfortably agreeing apparently with Carhartt that the real values of america are white Lana del Rey only adds something to all the reasons why I could not bear her for what she seems to stand for. You already know by now that I pretty much despite Lana Del Rey for being one of the most cynical artist made by our 21st century. From stilling songs, to proving to the whole world that you don’t need to know how to sing to become a pop star, she has underlined that the fact of being stylish and pretty was way way enough to make it in the business. This being said she is of course not the devil, but just as I was prepared to listen with a positive hear, looking at the shots of this beautiful short and awkward video, I start to feel stranger and stranger as I realize that once again, someone made it clear that real america was all white…Pretty fucking sad isn’t it in 2012

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