Puma by Miharayasuhiro- MY-61 “Snake”

As I have been pretty into the Puma by Alexander McQueen, I could not help myself but to get into the work of Mihara Yasuhiro with Puma that has already lasted at least 10 years I believe. As many Japanese designer, Mihara Yasuhiro has the quality to be looking for something else than the regular, but only as few he has found it, celebrating for a while now the fact that you can get creative with a pair of snikers. Latest proof is his MY 61 “Snake” or his MY 57 which both deal with the concept of 2 shoes in 1. Embracing the elegant and sport sneaker in same time, personally giving me the impression of boxing shoes at rest, The suede texture mixed with the Snake and the perforation improving the breathability seems to push the limits of the fonctional x elegant. If it ain’t your style know that it is a shoe both answering and asking question. Can u deal with it ?

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