Nicky Minaj feat Chris Brown (co-starring Nas) the reason why we give up !!!













Ok, we give up, we give up on mainstream hip-hop mixing with new soul and pop. We give up ! It seems that we have been looking for values that were not there, it seems that we have been looking for something else that opportunism, but the quest was pointless. From Nicky Minaj who has not been able to transform her difference into an advantage finally turning into a mainstream “artist” left with only visuals to make a difference, to Chris Brown who seem to actually be one of the king of the style, to Nas …. Nas that has been pretending to so many value that he ends looking like a cracked up hoe looking for recognition at any price…

We give up ! it seems that even in the darkness of our times where mixing business and music is the only reality, there are many schemes. Some able to carry the value we are attached to, some not. So we give up on giving credits to artist we though had more in store than a self enrichment. So don’t be surprise if we turn off our Never page, since it is because of them that we opened it in the first place! We might watch their video for fun of course but never again for the soul !


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