Nas- The Don (full video)

















Remember we made fun of Nas only a week ago for releasing the trailer to this video. Of who ? What do you mean who ? Is the Paul Mccartney’s syndrome spreading ? Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones aka Nas is now part of hip-hop history being one of the main reasons from 95 to 2000 why hip-hop sound, diversty in its music and production has improved so much. Pretty pretty discrete for a good 8 years, it is the big come back of the man with an album announced for this july and this single The Don. So why making fun of him ?

Well first obviously we respect and admire the man, but in the same time we have to say. We’ve never believed in his Disney lyrics. For the man, there is an obvious truth: the good and the bad. When he is good, he is singing with children, praying for world peace and hoping that his mother knows how much he loves her. When he is bad, he his very bad, dangerous to his enemies, ready to kill. Well it’s a about the most caricatured simplistic lyrics we’ve had to listen to. With the Don, Nas seems to both make sure that the rest of the world does not believe that New York only belongs to Jay-z and Alicia Keys. Feeding us a never heard story, the one where the poor man rises with skills and anger to higher ground and becomes the Don…Anyhow, play the track, talk to us, the music is still killing !

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