Nas featuring Amy Winehouse – Cherry Wine
















True, I have said a whole lot of bad things about Nas, and probably will again, but today, the positive side of the hip-hop artist was actually clear enough to underline once again the whole feeling I’ve always had about Nas. The music is great, in this Amy Winehouse featured track Cherry Wine, Nas has found a fine line in between modern soul, jazz and hip-hop, and let me tell you that a few have look for it and failed. So I couldn’t go without sharing Cherry Wine this track, but again the problem for me are the lyrics, you must admit it is kinda a big one for a the way you feel about a rap artist. This good and bad, this how things should be and people should behave always made me feel like I was stucked in a Disney Land…Anyhow, play the music, part of his 2012 album Life is Good  still because there is something to remember in it !


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