Music Video: Adele vs. Daft Punk – Something About The Fire by Carlos Serrano



















I don’t know I think that it took me a lot of time to want to talk about mixes and remix. And I guess that what stopped me for so long, is that, through remix you loose track to the making of things, the relationship in between the result and the making is due to so many little accident that it is hard to imply anything. What changed  ? What changed is that I kept listen to results and they are a lot of good things happening. So here we are to ” celebrate” me talking about the remix i though I should start with the Chic and the hype. And lately the chic and the hype is the video of Carlos Serrano mashup with Adele vs Daft Punk. I can’t fucking stop listening to it. I am have turned into a teen. It is is a sad sight, but it is my condition. So here we are. Directed by Jason Ano, the man behind A$AP Rocky’s  Purpe Swag and Skrillex Rock’n Roll the video matches the lightness of the track.



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