Music: Frank Ocean – Wiseman
















If we seat down for a minute, we know we have all mainly taken by the rhythm of things, and it is with a rush of blood in the head that we rise the unhknown warrior as a hero. In this global world far from the battle of tribes the meaning of hero pushes to even more unappropriate statement. In the light of the last few words, the riser of Frank Ocean has been a good exemple of everyone calling the man a genius when he has only shared with us one album. And like everyone else, I recognize both the artistic freshness and the beauty of the movment, not able to drive out Super Rick Kids for a while. But I don’t call the man a genius and await curiously to what’s coming. And what’s coming is Wiseman, new title, that oncc again, sends a clear message that Frank Ocean if not anything else is creating a coherent music world.

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