Maxime Charveron – Sosh Episode 5















As a few of you might know somewhere in the South of France there is a city called Marseille. As in a way Marseille is the biggest red neck and violent city of France it is still a place where talented and interesting people create. In its effort to change this city into a positive experience for everyone, The Bowl of Marseille with Sylvain and Benoit Moussilmani have created this only french stop of the Skateboard world cup 5 years ago, The Sosh Freestyle Cup. But since the project was to do something around all the street freestyle experience it has turned into a festival in which you can enjoy some of the best riders in the world in term of kite Surf, Wind Surf, Skateboard, and BMX ! A real Ride & Slide Festival I would say. For the Bmx section you will find no one else than MatthiasDandois himself and Maxime Chaveron who have decided to make a show out of this Sosh festival held every year end of June. This is the 5th episode since the last Sosh Festival, Are u ready for some heavy flat and a the fresh happiness of those 2 great riders !


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