Made by Hand: Carhartt Made in USA / Nationalism in branding

In time of global crises, if some brands such as  Apple see no other choices than to enslave  the poorest of countries where human rights are as far as the moon, some other think it is time to proudly stand up for nationalism. And as always, the most successful country in that matter is America.  What I’d like to point out today is the relationship the marketing of Nationalism  in brands such as Carhartt, which does represent in its philosophy, product and behavior the american made, the homemade and the political and sociological side of it.

There is a gap in between how comfortable it feels when you link this homemade speech to the workers who themselves represent the values of the true america, and when look at the political side of it. Because when you start to look at the political side it is the same seed that feeds the dark side of Nationalism. How come in 2012, the choice of a brand to produce at home is represented by people all living the same way ? Anyone heard of the word diversity at Carhartt ? Apparently not, it is proud white people fields and dusty values that Carhartt defends though they also are part of globalism… Come on can u really be playing for both teams in the same time ?

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