LRG Spring 2012 Lookbook

One of the most convincing urban brand today, to us, is the Orange County brand LRG (Lifter Research Group). After working with brand such as Quicksilver or O’neill for 8 years, Robert Wright teamed up with Jan Bevacqua to create Lrg in 1999. Creating clothing and accessories sometimes developing high tech electronic accessories etc… they have found their way through urban culture sponsoring a skateboarding team and underground recording artist. Inspite of the fact taht Janos Beacqua passed away last year,  the brand has kept a powerful understanding of today’s urban way of life.

“Spring 2012 is a season of new adventures and discoveries. Here at Lifted Research Group, we live by the words ‘explore more’; to highlight our daily pursuit of exploration, we take you to a setting known as the “Hangover House”, a historic structure known for being way ahead of its time. Built in 1938 by William Alexander, the concrete and steel home was commissioned by explorer-writer Richard Halliburton and designed to be an inspirational reminder to think outside. At L-R-G, we remind ourselves daily that creative genius is unknown to those who don’t explore beyond their surroundings. So whether you’re in the physical world or on a mental plane, we invite you to ‘explore more’, and we thank you for the supporting the ones who support you.”









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