Letter to Paul McCartney by Alice Orpheus










Darkly woken up by up moment of truth, it is by listening to Paul McCartney’s My Valentine that I stare at this infinite slightly unstable french grey sky. Everyday, new songs, new clothes, new designs, campaign, bands, festivals, tv shows, tweet pics etc… Everyday getting excited by something new, that is going to last a few days only because there is nothing new in it, and sometimes not even something honest…everyday, from monday to sunday, all those days, I wonder: What is this world.

When is the moment where we are going to understand that in the expression “Music Industry”, “Industry” is the dominant concept ? When is the moment where we are going to honestly ask ourselves questions such as ” When is the money earned by an artist stops to be a positive influence in his career ? ” Does an artist which represent millions of dollars has room to evolve or is attached for ever to reproduce a product ? The same goes for the cynicism of marketing in fashion where Levis uses the arabic spring movement to feed us ” Go forth” commercials.

Living in a time where people don’t seem to know that composers still exist, I realized this morning, listening to your My Valentine that  I had not been fed for a while. Doubting of my own self, confused by my love for melody and chords, of an industry destroying art , I found myself close to tears when I heard the simple melody of My Valentine.

Thank you
Alice Orpheus

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