Letter to all the Sparks for your life dirty skills music & milk facebook page readers

Girls and boys, dear Bmxers,

I first hope that the summer is going as well as possible, that you are getting your best game up, improving sessions after sessions, and most important that you are doing what’s necessary to keep yourself away from injuries. As most of you might have noticed, I have been more than active in the last few months, digging into the facts, providing you everyday with news about bmxer from Drew Bezanson to Chad Kerley, Alain Massabova or Nigel Sylvester, from dirt to flat, from Nike to The Shadow Conspiracy, from Melbourne to New York City, from California to Slovenia. But to me, there is more than just the riding, there is the lifestyle that goes with it. To be a Bmx rider is a choice and choice you make, and with the years the meaning of that choice becomes more and more important as you keep on going deeper in lifestyle. And it is this lifestyle as much as the riding that I am interested on sharing with you. Sparks for your life dirty skills music & milk, is aiming to underline this lifestyle, specially with its Facebook page. That is why you’ll see and keep on seeing pics of beautiful girls, smoking pipes, hats, trendy bitches, branding, bmx cats, bmx moves etc… because it is all part of our culture.

If you are into defining this world and this culture that is yours, then Sparks for your life dirty skills music & milk is your space to express yourself. Ask questions, share comments, stand up for your ideas, and the riders you love, the reason why, the clothes you wear, the things do when you’re not riding, the people supporting you, making your one step closer to your dream possible, because we are a community and that is what makes as strong, being to define what we share and what we love. If your into that then, Sparks for your life is your space, and that is why I created it. If you are into complaining because I am talking about something wilder than just a frame or a pedal, then my friend the party might just be to wild for you, and never forget: “Only Satan rides alone”.

With love, Alice Orpheus,
founder & writer of Sparks for your life, dirty skills music & milk.

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