Les Sessions Paprika # 2












Next Thursday, 15 November 2012, is going to be the second round of Les Sessions Paprika ! I hope you are ready because I am   Held in the 18th of Paris (1 rue Fleury / Centre Barbara),  Les  Sessions Paprika is an evening of songwriting giving you a sense of what is going on in term of songwriting in Paris. I know what you thinking, you are scared of too much cheesiness and candles, well know, let me tell you that is going to be a little more tight than this. True we are here for the music so you might cross the unusual if you are used to too much radio listening but other than that, nothing to be scare about ! You’ll get a chance to her 10 artists, presenting their work, from DJ Charlie Sy, getting pretty industrial to the full soul voice of Jessica Fitoussi, or the music experience of MarKus, come and discover a few artist based in Paris and see how it feels. Saxophonist Rodolphe Lauretta is going to start the fire with his band at 7.30 pm and then I am going to be hosting the night, you know with my style and my groove. Are u in ? Oh by the way, the fee is free !

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