Lamest shoe commercial ever x Biggest Ego- Rick Ross x Reebok

A whole lot of things have been said about Rick Ross and a whole lot of things are going to be said, but among them the fact that he is among the leading hip-hop artist of the latest 2 years, getting better and better in term of sound, and we dig his gangsta rap attitude from bling bling to heavy tracks. But rarely the man has presented himself with an unbearable attitude an ego bigger than his car and a while to turn as Katt Williams would say ” Nothing into something”

If someone actually got paid to right a screenplay for this commercial, he (or she) deserves Jail time, if someone somewhere on top agreed to this, he deserves a needs a rehab. And if Rick Ross think this was a honest good day of work, he need to get slapped. Come on, really ?
Yes we are talking about the latest Reebok Commercial with hip-hop star Rick Ross.

First of all when we think of the commercial itself we could ask ourself about the influence of facebook in the marketing world. After turning long post into smaller post and now a world made out of picture in which our minds are being sculpted into thinking on a “no longer than 3 seconds sequence”, Facebook in its mastering of control over mass population could get the Georges Orwell Award ! Second, we attached as well the interview that goes with the commercial where Rick Ross think of himself as the biggest boss of the show business. Did anyone tell him Adele sold more than twice what he sold ? Thinking of himself as warrior because he has been around for more that a decade, someone should tell him about Dr Dre or Snoop because despite the fact that he claims having studied the classics, he does not seem to know much about it. Of course we have hard time to believe that the man is serious but even though, why this misleading attitude? Why coming out as a cheap, uneducated egotistic man ? Why ?


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