Kitty Pryde & Riff Raff – “Orion’s Belt” (Official Video)












How not to be confused after the  discovery of  rap artist Kitty Pryde. Like everyone I know that hip-hop and rap are stepping in a new era thanks to all thoses girls with brains who chose to actually do their thing, tired of the bling bling bitches. But still, I was not expecting so much creativity and questioning at the same time. After Azalea Banks (who actually already starts to annoy me a little) Iggy Azealia and a few more, here is Kitty Pryde , not the comic book but the rap artist. And with all of them the same question: is this a real change or is it just a flavor ? With her track Okay Cupid ( may 2012) and a duet with Riff Raff ( you heard me)  Orion’s belt off her new EP Haha, I’m sorry  as follow up to her New York debut Kitty Pryde brings something fresh enough to be able to question myself a little.

Will it last, I dunno, but for right now, right here ! it does feel good !

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