Kidult “Visual Dictatorship”

By now you know about Kidult, and you agree that he maybe the only controversial street artist, expressing the fact that graffiti has today to be a dictatorship against corporate brands.  Though his first video was shocking and engaging, as we discovered an artist able to clearly articulate his point of view, this one does not contain enough precise material, but mostly a mood. Of course there is this moment of Mark Jacob talking about how he wanted to use graffiti in his work, but Kidult has this time forgotten the most something important at least to me: To show the active stealing of a cutlure, the aggressive marketing attitude of bigger brands, the relationship between what they use and who they use, to show more what they do. An artist and many artist like  Kidult are more than necessary in today’s world, but only if they are able to express enough emergency to move the masses.


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