Kidult tags Maison Martin Margiela (Belgium)

Maybe because he had more time than in Paris, or because he is improving but graffiti artist Kidult went to Belgium to show the world that he felt rather inspired lately. I am of course going to assume that you know that Kidult is one of the most interesting street knights and artist today by making a breakthrough on the international scene with a simple message: Do not use street culture for your branding. His latest target is the Maison Martin Margiela which has lamely I would say decided to collaborate with H&M using codes of the street culture. On Kidult’s piece on Maison Martin Margiela you can read ” Our misery, not yours.” It seems to be about time that artists start to react to the stilling of street culture. From Dior with his high top sneakers, to Supreme which seem to want to label every teenager of the planet, Kidult will not win this war alone, so let’s act up.

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