Kids These Days – Doo Wah














Chicago has always been a special place for me in term of music. Maybe the most adventurous one. From the 50’s blues going from songrwriting to guitar heroes, to the 60’s free jazz, the 80’s beginning of house music the 90’s songwriting and electro to todays, hip-hop and indie scene, Chicago has been to me the most creative place I could find. So it is no wonder that one of the band representing the most the era in which we are today, Kids these days come from Chicago. By mixing songwriting with rap, acoustic instruments with samples (the pixies in this precise song), pop music with longer song structure, Kids these days to me represent exactly the wildness of what we can use today to do music.  Once I have let out my geeky ways, I’d love to underline the fact that I really like the song. and that it is part of the recently released  Traphouse Rock. The video itself is creative. So why stop yourself, press play, listen to the album and think about it !


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