Kenna – Long Gone


















As I was looking for a video in which the music would at least close to the visual I realized that It was hard to come by. The level of music videos is getting higher and higher as the one of music is gettting lamer and lamer. So in this ocean of non-sense luckily there is still someone everyday to save the show and today it is  Ethiopian born american artist Kenna Zemedkun aka Kenna (who has worked in the past with Lupe Fiasco and The Cool Kids) with his latest track Long Gone. First release of his Land 2 Air Chronicles II: Imitation is Suicide EP Long Gone is also the directorial debut of Kenna. Now, musically speaking, from where I stand Kenna is still looking for something.  The mix of texture  in between the harmonic music and the drums is a good example of what a good deal of producer singer songwriter are going through. How to find your own texture between acoustic and electro without sounding like a cheap Radiohead. A whole lot of people are trying but no one is finding the answer really. Do you follow me. As it an honest track and an outstanding video, I invite you to spend attention !



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