Kendrick Lamar – Swimming Pools (Drank), Prod. T-Minus
















Everytime you have a new talent around there is so much noise, everything gets so much out of hand that quickly, people tend to consider the youngster as a Messiah, pushing rational minds to scepticism. That is at least what I feel. So as everyone, I saw in Kendrick Lamar’s mixtape Section 80 something raw, full of passion and talent. And like everyone I am happy of what’s coming for him, but I’m also prudent, as I have seen no later than last year my best hip-hop hope Stalley turning to the dark side embracing Maybach music …

But so far so good, Kendrick Lamar stays real, and give it all on the dark track that is Swimming Pools, produced by T-Minus. How do you feel ?

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