Jeff Soto & Chevy- Spray-Painting Sonic Car

We all stayed at party long enough to end up with a smaller group and dare ourselves with ideals, how we would change the world or do something infinitely complicated but that might have no impact what so ever on anyone else but ourselves. And if you haven’t, well it’s about time to stay way longer than you do at parties because that is where the unknown begins.

Well it seems that Jeff Soto, woke up the morning after convinced that his idea was a good when. Teaming up with Chevy, his decided to have his car equipped with an robotic arm that would give him (the car) ability to paint. Lightly questioning the fact that a machine might be able to be as artistic as a human being the truth is that it is still Jeff Soto whom with his artistic vision shapes the mural to artistically make sense one the robotic arm of his Chevy Sonic has done more precisely what a human arm could do. The result is beautiful, the quest fun but strangely Jeff Soto seem to think that he is the first Jedi in a long line of people inspire to paint with a robotic arm. Who is in ?


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