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Among the most talented and descent rap artist in this world,  Tsidi Ibrahim aka Jean Grae,  will always be in my mind. Like many other South African artist, Jean Gray seem to be holding inside and certain anger and raw perception of this world. Part of Talib Kweli’s Blacksmith recors, Jean Gray is a rap artist like some are poets or others knights. For her Kill Screen she looks back on her life under the angle of becoming who she is today: “I’m bond and the villain in one time bomb”  ! I’m in love !

This is rebel shit – Mojave rock
Got polyglots, who’ll molly whop you til yo body pop
I’m never sick, when my temperature drop, it’s 7 up
105.6 hell, praise the rock
I ain’t a savior, just your neighbor like amazing Peter
Minus the spider bite, the webs, the aunt and uncle neither
But save the reasoning, the need to tuck the dynamite
To even up the nonbelievers
Man humble season was cool, sure

But now I’m seeing North Shore faces, are y’all sure
Well turn around and walk four paces
I’ll walk forth five, y’all 86’ed in all cases
I’m the figure 8 sideways, always, ageless
Y’all in the club aimless, blind, spades shit
My time and space mix, record a rhyme on spaceships
You way behind like you caught a ride on a slave ship
I’m the modern anomaly, brazen Amelie, faceless
Representing the basement, raised up, cage less
Limitless, reminiscent of rapists
Got none, rock, paper, shotgun
Achtung, baby not an A.D.D 80’s baby I’m not from
Rated G catering eras, I was the type of New Yorker
Rhyming at night in the park and hiding a knife in hair and
Even though mama was careful, I would be fighting so often
Finding the light in dark, was time and just life in the mirror
Reflection infinite, Escher
In the end, we are who we are uhhh… Ke$ha
Late night dive bar, sipping on a vesper
I’m bond and the villain in one time bomb, test her
Dressed mismatch like confederate soldiers
Told ya best to think fast, this level is over
I’m going for the kill screen, fistful of quarters
Billy Mitchell, I’m a fiend, jumping barrels, famous sauces
Was a preteen prodigy, a plethora of knowledge
I don’t mean like Albert Johnson, I mean Jean was on to college
I’ll never respect a comment from a novice
I’ll never be just a common denominator, I promise
I was nominated flyest so you’ll see I’ll take us higher, the defiant one
The phoenix from the fire, hell mouth leviathan
I only get killed at the end of time so I’m buying some
This is heavy metal – Ryerson
Or Reitman & Mogel ’81 either is right man
Life spans eternal ever since I touched the mic stand
Put the mic in my right hand, left hook, goodnight man
Rest good, hype man, jeannie take it easy
Like bikinis on some white sand is on me
I’m calm b, sipping on a zombie, Condé, Nast
No bath salts spilling in my flask
I’m appealing to your class, laugh now get shot later with sedatives
Medicate to torture you some more so aww, you better live
Edifice, living in a world full of Oedipus
It’s all relative, melanin, nepotism
Tell the kids, hell is in, check the prisons
I wanna teach particle physics business
Just as a better business class, syllabus rise up
You wanna get your philistine thighs up
My abilities high as fuck, still willing to try luck
I wish I had guillotine garage doors
Mass carnage, barnyard parties, animals, carnivores
Trash, garbage, Skarsgaard hotties, mandibles, parting jaws
Bleeding y’all dry of convictions…the art of war

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