Jay-Z “Where I’m From” Documentary
















By now, even my grandma knows Jay-Z is from brooklyn and owns the nets. What she doesn’t know is how much Jay-Z is a communication and marketing genius, making the world believe that he is the boss of the nets when he  actually owns less than 1 percent of the team. Compare to what we believed a first you have to admit that there is a big gap. Wouldn’t you say ? I’m not being bitchy here, I’m just point it out the facts. In term facts, since Empire State of Mind, Jay-Z has not stopped to go global, with Watch the Throne and now the Barclays Center, putting back the Nets where they should belong meaning in Brooklyn. Here is a documentary about Jay-Z to prepare for a concert a lot of people will remember, the Opening Concert of the Barclays Center. Obviously the documentary spend some times reminding everyone that a poor kid from Macy’s project made it big enough to be owning a basketball team. So now I’ amana let u watch and share .


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