Jay-Z, commercials manners and pink bunny










So by now, I and we know, we all know that Jay-Z has created a new type of artist, answer to the demand of an industry look for efficiency in term of products. On the top of the World, the man is still working his image to a worldwide audience. The first commercial of the week is for Duracell and its powermat (a handy 24-hours power device), who has probalby showed up to Jay-Z with a speech such as :

-Look Mr Carter, We would very much like you to replace our Pink Bunny

– No way, are u sure ? I ‘ve got the gig ?


Anyway trying to adapt his ego to the time, the whole things resemble to a commercial of 80’s where you’d see a Jon Bon Jovi, MJ (pick yours) or else. Strange vide I’d say.
The second commercial is to promote the collaboration in between Jay-Z and Budweiser over their Made in America Festival (September 1-2, Philadephia), where Jay-Z gives us the worst of America, meaning some long ass speech to express how noble and grand it is to get together, listening to a gig and getting trashed. Anyhow, both could be worst and better. Say what ?

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