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If you are seeting in your parisian apartment like I am right now, if you decided things have to change and that you want to start by going as far as possible from where you are on the planet, mathematically you will end somewhere aroung Auckland New Zealand. Since I have felt that way in the past, and done that, I can tell you New Zealand is my favorite spot on the planet, though, i admit, it is a little far. Well, Jaden Leeming, Bmx rider from New Zealand has help me to show you at least on of the wonders of New Zealand this morning with his insane edit for Fitbikeco. I mean he is no joke. Fast more than nervous ( which is rare) gifted, creative, in search for limits, the only thing I can hope is that Fit, is really going to give him the chance that he deserves.

Jaden Leeming – Fit New Zealand from FITBIKECO. on Vimeo.

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