Is Wyclef loosing it ?– Justice (If You’re 17)












Now here is an interesting topic: Wyclef has been involved in a political and social engagement at least loudly and openly since Haïti’s tragedy. But since the man has loudly express its desire to become Haïti’s new president we’ve started to doubt about the man’s perception when it came to his own limits.

It is again this doubt couple with a true uncomfortable feeling: Though it can be the role of an artist to express himself when it comes to defend a social issue, to use the most caricatural concept in a pop song to defend a issue is a very dangerous thing for a few reason. First of all, in this particular case the song is not helping anyone since the black community has been the hero of changing american justice mind. Therefor it is a little late to appear as a counting voice. Second of all, in this song, Wyclef seems to be installing himself as a cheap moralist, expressing concepts that will never be clarified by a song. As a result, Wyclef seems to ad a drop of commercial pragmatism and cynicism singing to the teenagers “If you’re 17 with a hoodie on, watch out for the neighborhood watcher”. So Instead of trying to find simple meaning to intricate things of our world, we’d hope Wyclef to actually focus on doing what he knows best: music, because we believe the man could have done better. Press play

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