Hannah Georgas – Enemies













As I was talking about Kendrick lamar releasing his album on October 2nd, here is another release for the same day of another interesting artist: Hannah Georgas. Belonging to a long tradition of gifted canadian singer songwriter, Hannah Georgas, has just released the track Enemies to make sure fans will stay tuned on her adventure with Dine Alone Records  and her eponymous first album to come on October 2. With a touch of naive intentions in the voice, the song takes you somehow into a deeper emotion, never loosing its seduction and the tension that it creates.  Somewhere in between folk and electro, Hannah Georgas seems to be searching for a precise color, and that I like.  So until it is possible to listen to more of her work, let’s listen to what we have. I also found interesting how the live version is way darker than the studio one. How u feel ?

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